Monday, June 13, 2011

chocolate lava cake... or not

I should rename this post chocolate mush cake. This weekend I found a four set of ramekins for $11! Talk about a steal. I've been needing some, and sale prices are always the best. Now, I could eat chocolate all day long. Literally. So I figured I'd try out this chocolate lava cake. Let's just consider this recipe a big fat fail on my part, I'm actually pretty sad (and embarrassed) over it. Though it tasted amazing, I could not get the cakes out of the ramekins to save my life. They ended up flattened and mushy. Maybe if I let them cool off completely, but I was far too impatient for that. There's gotta be some trial and error in baking, right? Let's all have a laugh now.
{my failed attempt of removing the cake.. wommmp, tried to take it out too early?}
{what it was supposed to look like via cupcakesandcashmere}

Anybody have tips on how to remove these cakes!? I'd love to know.


  1. Honestly, even though yours isn't as pretty-it still looks quite delicious!


  2. It still looks really delicious though! I don't know why they wouldn't have come out - especially with butter-ing and flour-ing the ramekins twice!

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