Saturday, July 7, 2012

vintage chair love.

As I prepare to move at the end of this year, I realize, it is expensive. Between buying furniture and trying to save money, and have money to spend before we move, it is a little overwhelming. We have been looking around a lot, especially at World Market {dying over their furniture selection} and we have found so much we like, but it is just a little too pricy. I have a mild obsession with vintage items. To describe my style it would be sort of shabby chic... But updated. I love lace {hence my mason jars}, and I love trendy patterns such as chevron. {I will never stop loving it. ever.} Every living room chair I have seen and loved has been out of price range until this one. I was over at my mom's boyfriends a couple nights ago and commented on this cute vintage yellow chair. A couple days later, I texted my mom asking if she knew where he had bought the chair. She replied with, "Oh, he said you can have it." Jaw. Dropped. I was soooo thankful {serious blessing!} and excited. I can not wait to fix it up. I have biiiig plans for this baby. I am going to reupholster it with a trendy chevron fabric. Can't wait to share it! Free is seriously the best price ever. Elated over this chair.


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